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Refresher Course (4 hours)

Have you done a course but are not feeling 100% safe, confident or able to continue your kitesurfing journey alone? Have you learnt to kite abroad and found that U.K kiting is more of a challenge or that the level of instruction wasn't all that it should have been??

The aim is to arm you with the skills, confidence and ability to make you an independent kitesurfer.

We'll sign off your KSK card to reflect the level you achieve. Taking up more time but offering you a fuller course; this is a three day course, arranged around you, with a maximum student to instructor ratio of four to one.

We are full time and have full time instructors. Restricted only by wind and tides; we can offer tuition at any time on any day. We do everything we can to make sure you're not waiting month after month for the next available windy session. We want to make you happy and happiness is found out on the water!

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Once you've made a payment we'll be contacting you to book your lessons. If you're unsure what's right for you then please contact us to chat about your options.

Buying lessons for someone else? Birthdays, Christmas or general gift vouchers are all available. Please follow the gift link to make your selections and we'll contact you to confirm the gift type and recipients details.

Online bookings are protected by PayPal. Phone payments are protected by RBS WorldPay.

Lessons can be paid in full or deposit.

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